Thursday, August 12, 2010

Totally Inspiring Thing Happened Today

The most inspiring thing happened to me today. The kind of thing that really reminds me that God is at work in my life. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill and was honestly having a hard time. I was flipping around on my ipod trying to find the right music to get me going, my head wasn't in the right space, and then my groin started to hurt (I think I pulled it yesterday). At around mile 2 I put on some spiritual music I have about Jesus, and I turned my hands palm up and just ran slow and focused on talking to Jesus in my mind. I asked him to be in the center of my life. I listened to the music and just settled into it. Then this older woman get's on the treadmill next to me (I later learned that she is 60) and starts to RUN! She is doing intervals and running quite well. I finish my run and as I wipe my machine off I think I should catch her eye and give her the thumbs up. I thought I should reach out to her and give her that little pat on the shoulder so to speak, that makes you feel good. Well little did I know that she would be the one inspiring me! I gave her the thumbs up, she smiles, and takes her ear phones off, slows to a walk and starts to talk to me. We talk for 20 min or longer! She is 60 years old, has lost 150 pounds, and has been running for 4 months. She ran a 5km in the states and came first in her age category. She runs and gives talks at the running room. She runs with women battling cancer, and cancer survivors. She does all kinds of motivational talks. After on talk a woman came up to her and gave her a piece of dark chocolate. The same woman died a short while after from Cancer. She had so many stories, all of them inspiring. She even told me that today she was afraid to go to the gym, that for some reason that little voice of fear raised its voice. But she made it and she was on the treadmill next to me. Hard to believe that this woman would have any self doubts. She exudes confidence like I have never encountered. She said she once wore a back brace and walked with a cane! Her name is Pam. Thank-you God for putting Pam on the treadmill next to me today!


  1. I have GOOSEBUMPS! I adore your spiritual heart my dear friend .. thank you for being in my life!


  2. that is one INCREDIBLE attract amazing people with your kind heart.

    you are THE BEST girl, you're simply the BEST!

  3. Wow..what an amazing story...gave me goosebumps too! Good on ya girl!