Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Me this morning just before my run :)

Slow and steady wins the race, or at least in children's stories. I ran my first 10km last Sat. It took me one hour and 20 min. But I did it and I must admit I felt AWESOME about it. This week we are at a cottage and its beautiful (well the outdoors are, the cottage itself is less than 5 star LOL). The breeze here is amazing, the water and trees simply inspiring. Its the perfect place for a run. But that is easier said than done with all the wobbly pops I seem to be drinking and the HILLS oh the hills. But both Ryan and I made it out for a 5km run yesterday morning and this morning I did 6.4 km (Ryan is out doing his run as a write this). I find that if I run at MY PACE (a slow one) I can go and go...I have great endurance. Endurance was always my strength when I ran competitively in my youth. Speed is not my strength. But this amazing thing has happened this week. I have let go of the pressure I was putting on myslef to try and be faster and I am just enjoying the run. I am running at my pace, and I am FEELING how great my body feels at that rhythm...sometimes I go faster and others slower. But it is MY PACE MY RACE and I love challenging myself to go further. I love the place my head goes when I am in my zone and let me tell you there is NO NEGATIVE VOICE in that zone.
I have also discovered an added benefit to running while on vacation at the cottage. After its done, you are free to enjoy baileys in your coffee and cottage food and afternoon naps without guilt! OH YEAH!!!!


  1. You look amazing, Katie! Go you!

  2. Glad you're joining us to lose it in ottawa....I'm so happy that you're back doing your thing....isn't being able to enjoy an indulgence free of guilt a marvelous thing??

    I ran a little wee bit on my walk last night and I'll admit it wasn't fun but it felt so good to be doing it, all the same. my first week of losing it (as per today's post) was nothing but gaining it but I started the second my feet crossed the threshold.

    off for today's walk!

  3. 10K! Wow! That's amazing no matter what the pace and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Thanks for linking up!