Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Celebrations add up to ONE BIG CELEBRATION

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the little accomplishments I have had since beginning this journey:

1. I sleep better, my body is TIRED at night
2. I tend to want to eat healthier food because I like the way it feels
3. I have let go of my anal tendencies about keeping the house clean because I don't have time with all the time I spend at the gym.
4. I can sit comfortable on my spin bike now, without my ass feeling like its being attacked.
5. I can stand on one foot long enough to do a quad stretch and not fall over
6. I know how to do a CLEAN AND PRESS
7. I have made it through one entire Zumba class, make that 2 now
8. I can carry my children without my back hurting
9. I can fit into the largest size at OLD NAVY
10. I wear sleeves shirts now (I still have the flags but somehow I feel so much more confident about my arms)
11. I want to workout
12. My children play GYM
13. My husband and I are sharing this, and doing stuff together like running and pump classes
14. my old smaller pants are fitting, I was even able to get a pair of my beloved old jeans on...Had to lay down on the bed lift my pouch up and then stand up stiff as a board...but they were on and zipped up...WOOT WOOT!!
15. I am EATING....not dieting!!!


  1. Way to go Katie. You are inspiring. (You can add that to your list).


  2. That's an awesome list of accomplishments!! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. very inspiring... big hugs katie.. i wish you the best!