Monday, August 16, 2010

it takes one step...

i have to say - it's pretty hard NOT to jump on the bandwagon right seems that everyone is working on getting fit and eating better, particularly my number one girl Katie!!!

can we just stop for a second and APPLAUD THAT GIRL???

she is nothing short of amazing! she is inspiring SO MANY PEOPLE right now, myself included. most of all, she is spreading her sunshine and positivity. i can't get enough.

she has been gently trying to coax me into getting my butt in gear too - i can tell she wants me to feel as great as she does. i'll admit, i've been making A LOT of excuses lately.

we recently moved, we had our first big event for our side business and my back has been acting up (through the move)...toss in a nasty summer cold for the past 10 days and let's just say the only awards i'm up for are couch surfing!

well now - our event is done, my cold is gone and although we're not nearly unpacked we probably won't be for a while (because we're doing some pretty major renos) so there is no time like the present to get back on the wagon!

one bonus of our new house is i have a nice workout area already set up...

*these pictures were taken before we moved in so that equipment isn't ours but we have some of our own*

in the past i've gone through "phases" where i work out hard and then something comes up and i stop. i want to get right back into one of those phases and STICK THERE.

i LOVE seeing katie's progress on facebook with her ipod/nike+ connection. i plan on doing the same (i have the goods, unfortunately they are in a box SOMEWHERE in a stack of what seems like hundreds of boxes). so i've asked hubs to pick up one of these for me tomorrow...

i'll be able to use it with my nikes and track my progress!

i find one of the BIGGEST keys of getting me motivated is something VERY simple...putting on the clothes. i work from home now, but when i worked from the office, the first thing i would do when i would get home was put on the workout clothes. nearly all nights that i was geared up i worked out.

today, i did the same.
woke up this morning and got right into my gear. ultimately i'd love to work out BEFORE work but i'm SO not a morning person. the good thing was working on was on my brain all day so by the time i headed down to my treadmill i was ready and looking forward to it.

and then i stepped on...YOWZA! let's just say it's been a while. my back was so darn sore but i kept plugging through because ultimately i'm not going to get that back better without working out. in the end i did 20 minutes and 1.3 km. not stellar, but it's a start.

i found a couch to 5km program on nike this evening that i'm going to plan to follow. it's a 12 week program. i'd also like to add in some dvds that i've got. i could open up my own dvd rental store with all the workout dvds i've got.

one thing i find that is so inspiring about katie is that she is mixing up her workouts SO MUCH. she's trying new things and keeping it interesting. i am going to follow in her footsteps and do the same. i'm not much of a gym person, at least not now, maybe that will change in time. although now that we're living in the country i think the chances of me joining a gym are much less. but that's ok. i want to find something that will work long term with my lifestyle.

as far as eating goes, i'm doing an online retreat with the author of women, food and god. that is the eating "plan" i want to follow. i refuse to diet. i know how i work. i diet and i feel too restricted, rebel and give up.

i am trying to focus on eating FRESH local produce and lots of it. our local farmer's market is one of the highlights of my week!

i am also going to focus on upping my water intake. in the old house i never had a problem...i drank at least two litres a day at work plus more at home. here, our water is from a cooler and i find i am RARELY drinking it. but wait - beer and wine has water right? RIGHT?

so there you have it. i'm JUMPING in. i'm getting moving. i've taken the first step and now i need to try and catch katie! RUN KATIE RUN...

looking forward to tomorrow's workout already...

and one more thing...THANK YOU KATIE for getting my tush moving!

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  1. I swear you made my day!!! I am grinning ear to ear for you:) I feel it in my bones Laurie, a change is coming...a peace....a peace with our bodies and minds :) LOVE YOU LOADS!!! K