Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing what a little PUMP will do

Feeling much better about myself today. Its amazing what a little PUMP will do. I haven't done pump in over a week because of being at the cottage and I forgot how great it makes me feel. I love the feeling of strength that comes from doing it. I went today wearing a new top I bought...its umm well tight...and well I wore it anyway. It was good because I was conscious of trying to hold my tummy in so not as much tire bounced around. Which was great for pump, because your supposed to hold your tummy in while you do the moves and I frankly have never been good at this. BUT TODAY with my tummy staring back at me in the mirror while I worked out (yep I actually choose a spot in front of the mirror now, sadistic I know LOL) I did a much better job.

So this is me...working hard....sharing the roll, and loving myself today :)

PS. aren't the crazy kids in the pic funny :) LOL

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