Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspiration Journal

I have been working on this inspirational journal for a while now. Its a place for me to keep pictures and records of triumphs along the way in the journey. Its been a fun creative project and I look forward to filling it with many more inspiring pages.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My running buddy

Ryan and I's first run togther. We ran at my parents house in Norland, very hot out! He's faster than me but I kept up and LANCE ARMSTRONG told me I reached my personal best mile :) Thanks Ryan.

PS. When the running got hard I just watched his cute butt :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing what a little PUMP will do

Feeling much better about myself today. Its amazing what a little PUMP will do. I haven't done pump in over a week because of being at the cottage and I forgot how great it makes me feel. I love the feeling of strength that comes from doing it. I went today wearing a new top I bought...its umm well tight...and well I wore it anyway. It was good because I was conscious of trying to hold my tummy in so not as much tire bounced around. Which was great for pump, because your supposed to hold your tummy in while you do the moves and I frankly have never been good at this. BUT TODAY with my tummy staring back at me in the mirror while I worked out (yep I actually choose a spot in front of the mirror now, sadistic I know LOL) I did a much better job.

So this is me...working hard....sharing the roll, and loving myself today :)

PS. aren't the crazy kids in the pic funny :) LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010

When the doubt creeps in

The doubt has been creeping in the last few days. That little negative voice has started whispering to me. It all started a few days ago while on vacation at the cottage I looked at some pictures of myself that I had taken that week. I was surprised by how unflattering they were. How bloated my face looked, and how big I still am. I thought I would look smaller, fitter with all the exercise I have been doing and all that I have accomplished. Tack on to that being at the cottage for a week and all the food I ate (plus wobbly drinks) and don't even get me started on the 60oz of Bailey's Ryan and I polished off in our coffee. I stayed active at the cottage and ran 25km, swam, and walked. But still the doubt is creeping in. Today as I headed to the gym I felt very fat. I didn't feel like my usual fit confident self.

So why is this doubt creeping in. I don't want to just dismiss the voice. I don't want to give into negative thought either. But I think maybe this voice can tell me something constructive, and that's that there is still work to be done. After all I started this journey at 258 pounds, its not like I only had 20 pounds to loose.

I may be very active and lets be honest that's easy for me I love it. Its not like I have to drag myself to the gym or out for a run. I want to do it. Its like scrapbooking for me:) I have given myself free run with food. I don't want to diet and I don't think I need to to be healthy and loose weight. I read the book Women,Food, and God and loved how she talked about eating what you want and eating when your hungry. But let's be real I haven't done very well this month at eating when I am hungry and listening to my body.

I do need to eat better. I need to fuel my body and my children with food that will help us be our best. I need to listen to my body.

So I am going to be working on this. I started this week off with a meal plan for meals, and shopped for the stuff Sunday. I also picked out 3 recipes of healthy things to make with kids. This way hopefully I can get them excited about healthy food too.

Wish me luck :)

PS. We have SWEET BEET COOKIES in the oven :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Me this morning just before my run :)

Slow and steady wins the race, or at least in children's stories. I ran my first 10km last Sat. It took me one hour and 20 min. But I did it and I must admit I felt AWESOME about it. This week we are at a cottage and its beautiful (well the outdoors are, the cottage itself is less than 5 star LOL). The breeze here is amazing, the water and trees simply inspiring. Its the perfect place for a run. But that is easier said than done with all the wobbly pops I seem to be drinking and the HILLS oh the hills. But both Ryan and I made it out for a 5km run yesterday morning and this morning I did 6.4 km (Ryan is out doing his run as a write this). I find that if I run at MY PACE (a slow one) I can go and go...I have great endurance. Endurance was always my strength when I ran competitively in my youth. Speed is not my strength. But this amazing thing has happened this week. I have let go of the pressure I was putting on myslef to try and be faster and I am just enjoying the run. I am running at my pace, and I am FEELING how great my body feels at that rhythm...sometimes I go faster and others slower. But it is MY PACE MY RACE and I love challenging myself to go further. I love the place my head goes when I am in my zone and let me tell you there is NO NEGATIVE VOICE in that zone.
I have also discovered an added benefit to running while on vacation at the cottage. After its done, you are free to enjoy baileys in your coffee and cottage food and afternoon naps without guilt! OH YEAH!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

it takes one step...

i have to say - it's pretty hard NOT to jump on the bandwagon right seems that everyone is working on getting fit and eating better, particularly my number one girl Katie!!!

can we just stop for a second and APPLAUD THAT GIRL???

she is nothing short of amazing! she is inspiring SO MANY PEOPLE right now, myself included. most of all, she is spreading her sunshine and positivity. i can't get enough.

she has been gently trying to coax me into getting my butt in gear too - i can tell she wants me to feel as great as she does. i'll admit, i've been making A LOT of excuses lately.

we recently moved, we had our first big event for our side business and my back has been acting up (through the move)...toss in a nasty summer cold for the past 10 days and let's just say the only awards i'm up for are couch surfing!

well now - our event is done, my cold is gone and although we're not nearly unpacked we probably won't be for a while (because we're doing some pretty major renos) so there is no time like the present to get back on the wagon!

one bonus of our new house is i have a nice workout area already set up...

*these pictures were taken before we moved in so that equipment isn't ours but we have some of our own*

in the past i've gone through "phases" where i work out hard and then something comes up and i stop. i want to get right back into one of those phases and STICK THERE.

i LOVE seeing katie's progress on facebook with her ipod/nike+ connection. i plan on doing the same (i have the goods, unfortunately they are in a box SOMEWHERE in a stack of what seems like hundreds of boxes). so i've asked hubs to pick up one of these for me tomorrow...

i'll be able to use it with my nikes and track my progress!

i find one of the BIGGEST keys of getting me motivated is something VERY simple...putting on the clothes. i work from home now, but when i worked from the office, the first thing i would do when i would get home was put on the workout clothes. nearly all nights that i was geared up i worked out.

today, i did the same.
woke up this morning and got right into my gear. ultimately i'd love to work out BEFORE work but i'm SO not a morning person. the good thing was working on was on my brain all day so by the time i headed down to my treadmill i was ready and looking forward to it.

and then i stepped on...YOWZA! let's just say it's been a while. my back was so darn sore but i kept plugging through because ultimately i'm not going to get that back better without working out. in the end i did 20 minutes and 1.3 km. not stellar, but it's a start.

i found a couch to 5km program on nike this evening that i'm going to plan to follow. it's a 12 week program. i'd also like to add in some dvds that i've got. i could open up my own dvd rental store with all the workout dvds i've got.

one thing i find that is so inspiring about katie is that she is mixing up her workouts SO MUCH. she's trying new things and keeping it interesting. i am going to follow in her footsteps and do the same. i'm not much of a gym person, at least not now, maybe that will change in time. although now that we're living in the country i think the chances of me joining a gym are much less. but that's ok. i want to find something that will work long term with my lifestyle.

as far as eating goes, i'm doing an online retreat with the author of women, food and god. that is the eating "plan" i want to follow. i refuse to diet. i know how i work. i diet and i feel too restricted, rebel and give up.

i am trying to focus on eating FRESH local produce and lots of it. our local farmer's market is one of the highlights of my week!

i am also going to focus on upping my water intake. in the old house i never had a problem...i drank at least two litres a day at work plus more at home. here, our water is from a cooler and i find i am RARELY drinking it. but wait - beer and wine has water right? RIGHT?

so there you have it. i'm JUMPING in. i'm getting moving. i've taken the first step and now i need to try and catch katie! RUN KATIE RUN...

looking forward to tomorrow's workout already...

and one more thing...THANK YOU KATIE for getting my tush moving!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Totally Inspiring Thing Happened Today

The most inspiring thing happened to me today. The kind of thing that really reminds me that God is at work in my life. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill and was honestly having a hard time. I was flipping around on my ipod trying to find the right music to get me going, my head wasn't in the right space, and then my groin started to hurt (I think I pulled it yesterday). At around mile 2 I put on some spiritual music I have about Jesus, and I turned my hands palm up and just ran slow and focused on talking to Jesus in my mind. I asked him to be in the center of my life. I listened to the music and just settled into it. Then this older woman get's on the treadmill next to me (I later learned that she is 60) and starts to RUN! She is doing intervals and running quite well. I finish my run and as I wipe my machine off I think I should catch her eye and give her the thumbs up. I thought I should reach out to her and give her that little pat on the shoulder so to speak, that makes you feel good. Well little did I know that she would be the one inspiring me! I gave her the thumbs up, she smiles, and takes her ear phones off, slows to a walk and starts to talk to me. We talk for 20 min or longer! She is 60 years old, has lost 150 pounds, and has been running for 4 months. She ran a 5km in the states and came first in her age category. She runs and gives talks at the running room. She runs with women battling cancer, and cancer survivors. She does all kinds of motivational talks. After on talk a woman came up to her and gave her a piece of dark chocolate. The same woman died a short while after from Cancer. She had so many stories, all of them inspiring. She even told me that today she was afraid to go to the gym, that for some reason that little voice of fear raised its voice. But she made it and she was on the treadmill next to me. Hard to believe that this woman would have any self doubts. She exudes confidence like I have never encountered. She said she once wore a back brace and walked with a cane! Her name is Pam. Thank-you God for putting Pam on the treadmill next to me today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mug Shot Udpate

Updating the MUG SHOT with my 2 workout outfits today. Yep working out twice since I missed Monday (had a beer instead LOL). I ran 5km this morning on the treadmill at a 1% incline (Tip from Bob Harper on running on a treadmill to make the most of it). Tonight I am doing a pump class with my hubby :) I try to do the PUMP class twice a week, and believe that it has made a major difference in my overall figure, and mostly my arms.

A couple big things to share.

I ran 8km on the weekend on very hilly trails and very hungover :) WOOT WOOT to that :)
Today I registered for a 10km at the end of October :)

Pssssst. I have a dream of running a marathon next year. Its been on my wish list since University but had taken a break or rather a "YEAH RIGHT LIKE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN"...only now I kind of believe that anything is possible. I mean who would have ever thought that a 200 pound plus plus girl could run 8km. (even if very slow :).

I am amazing myself....and its not only the physical accomplishments its the mental. In the past when I have focused on getting fit I have been so concerned with the scale. Hell I threw that in the garbage this time around. The old me would have been dieting too and playing loads of mind games when it came to food. Not dieting and all though I am eating A LOT healthier I am still enjoying all the things I love. Like BEN AND JERRY's last night and pizza for lunch today. There are no GOOD and BAD days this time around. No guilt. No binging.

I feel free. I feel like maybe its finally clicked. How to be healthy and LIVE...not hide behind food and my weight.

May I have a UHHH YEAH!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Celebrations add up to ONE BIG CELEBRATION

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the little accomplishments I have had since beginning this journey:

1. I sleep better, my body is TIRED at night
2. I tend to want to eat healthier food because I like the way it feels
3. I have let go of my anal tendencies about keeping the house clean because I don't have time with all the time I spend at the gym.
4. I can sit comfortable on my spin bike now, without my ass feeling like its being attacked.
5. I can stand on one foot long enough to do a quad stretch and not fall over
6. I know how to do a CLEAN AND PRESS
7. I have made it through one entire Zumba class, make that 2 now
8. I can carry my children without my back hurting
9. I can fit into the largest size at OLD NAVY
10. I wear sleeves shirts now (I still have the flags but somehow I feel so much more confident about my arms)
11. I want to workout
12. My children play GYM
13. My husband and I are sharing this, and doing stuff together like running and pump classes
14. my old smaller pants are fitting, I was even able to get a pair of my beloved old jeans on...Had to lay down on the bed lift my pouch up and then stand up stiff as a board...but they were on and zipped up...WOOT WOOT!!
15. I am EATING....not dieting!!!


I ran 7km today. That is the farthest I have run since I started this journey. It felt good, real good. I felt like a machine. When it got hard, I focused on how my body felt, the breathe, the movement, the rhythm. I am not fast. It took 58 min to run that. I hope to get faster as my body sheds some weight and I am carrying less. But in the meantime I am pretty damn happy with myself. I can't tell you how good it feels. The other day I was on the treadmill and the girl next to me was running FAST! Yet she looked like she was taking a stroll barely breaking a sweat. When she finished I looked at her and told her she was FREAKING AWESOME! She laughed and smiled :) It was cool and it made the rest of my run easier. I love talking to the other women in the gym. Its so much more fun when we encourage each other than to just walk about mute.

Tomorrow, PUMP and maybe a little Zumba with a freind :)