Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Woot Woot to my girl

Please join in me in a woot woot to my girl Laurie. A long long time ago two girls dreamed of a place where they could share there stories on their journey to health. Every day we were emailing and chatting about our struggles, motivating each other, sharing our starts, and stops. That's when we thought it would be cool to share that on line. In reality, whether anyone really reads this or not its so rewarding to just put it out there. There is something about typing these words and sending them out into the blog world where someone might read them makes you stay honest. Its motivating, to know that I can share my successes here. Its therapeutic to know that I can share my lows here, like there is some unknown person there just listening.

Two ordinary yet extraordinary girls just like so many of you.

Are you willing/ready to come along for the journey?

Its going to be the ride of a lifetime :)

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