Wednesday, July 21, 2010

who says?

if you have struggled with your weight and you are like me, you've tried many diets and programs and books and experts. clearly none of them are working.
i recently tried something new. perhaps it is the latest "bandwagon" but i think there is something to it. for now, it is speaking to me and i'm going to stick with it.
i've started reading and following an online retreat through author Geneen Roth. she wrote the book Women, Food and God and she's all the rage with lady oprah lately.

last night i listened to class one of a six week online class. it was eye opening. inspiring. thought provoking.

something she said has really stuck with me. it's been on my brain all day. essentially the gist of what she said was that we listen to other people and other conventions and other thoughts and other things to feed our hunger, to tell us when to eat.

here is how i see this applies to MY life.

we're born. we're put on a feeding schedule because someone knows what is best for us. and that continues. for years.

and then we eat based on breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe some snacks and maybe nibbles here and there just because. that's our culture. that's our habit.

and we listen to all sorts of so-called experts tell us what to eat and how to eat it - low fat, low cal, no meat, lots of protein, x calories a day and on and on and on.

i can say personally, that hasn't worked for me. i'm living by someone else's "rules" and let's be honest - living by the rules has never been my strong suit.

Why is it that we just don't listen to ourselves??? Why don't we listen to when our body is hungry and what our body is hungry for?

i am guilty of far too much mindless eating. i eat because it's a certain time of day, or i'm bored or stressed and happy. i know a big problem area in my relationship with food is "treats." as children we are raised that if you behave or if you eat your meal or if you do whatever you will get a "treat." more often than not (at least in my experience) that treat is food. getting that treat makes us feel good about ourselves. we've obviously done something good to deserve that treat. it's a vicious cycle.

i put this concept into practice today. i ate when i was hungry. i was actually a bit surprised to discover i had zero hunger until nearly 11:30. and i struggled with it because i have heard REPEATEDLY about the importance of breakfast and i'm sure you have to. in the end, i stuck with it. maybe tomorrow i'll be hungry at 9. i don't know. tomorrow will tell.

i feel good about eating when i'm hungry and stopping when I'm full today BUT i have to admit tonight all i want to do is snack. my nighttime snacking comes and goes, but tonight it is in FULL FORCE. i'm home alone, i have lots on my mind and i went grocery shopping tonight to buy "treats" for this weekend when a friend of mine is coming to town. i have been thinking about eating almost non-stop all evening. it's frustrating and ridiculous.

it is ridiculous, but at the same time i'm listening to what my body is telling me. it's not telling me it's hungry, so i'm not eating.

i encourage you to listen to yourselves. to your own body. to your own hunger.

who says what's best for your body? YOU DO!

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  1. This book has become my bible. The concept of eating when your hungry and eating what you want is so simple and yet so powerful. I must admit it takes a lot of thought and focus. Its so easy to slip back into mindless or habitual eating. And last night I was totally hoping I would get hungry:)LOL I haven't done as well the last little bit. Thank-you for the reminder to get back to it.

    I love that she says eat what you want. Its funny, if you really listen to your body you will be surprised to see you don't want junk all the time. You actually crave food that makes you feel good. Now don't get me wrong I still want CANDY BAR SUPREME donuts...but not all the fact lately I want a lot of protein.

    One of the things I have enjoyed most about this approach is that for instance when I have gone out for dinner with friends. I have eaten what I want. I have not been on a diet unable to enjoy good food with friends. I have eaten what I want and stopped when full. I have not felt like a guilty fat pig after wards. I have felt full...FULL of good food and good friends...LIFE :)