Tuesday, July 20, 2010

time to jump!

katie and i were having a conversation the other day about finally DOING what we keep saying we want to do. and we agreed that we both just need to DIVE RIGHT IN and TAKE THE JUMP!

for me, that jump is stopping the procrastination and getting back on track with working out. i go through phases. when i'm in a phase i will go HARD CORE. i will be determined. i will NOT let anything stop me.

unfortunately, i haven't seen one of those "phases" since the winter. i've been letting my emotions take over. i've been making excuses. feeling sorry for myself. sitting in denial.

time to dive in!

we have chosen a different life path. a life path that feels SO GOOD. SO RIGHT. SO POSITIVE.

now it's time to get the body where the brain is at.
i read this blog often. katie and i chat more times a day than i can count. i know you will agree with me she is just SOARING. she isn't just falling off the edge of the board, she is taking GIANT LEAPS IN THE AIR and just going for it!

it's inspiring and energizing and incredible to watch.
i'm hoping it'll be even more incredible to share.

so in keeping with all of that, i took my first step today. well my first series of steps. i went for not one, but two walks. i started with a first walk this morning and it felt SO GOOD that i just had to go back at lunch.  in total, i walked 90 minutes today in the fresh country air.

i stared longingly as multiple neighbours ran around the block. i want to be that girl. i want to be that runner.

today, i started with a step

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  1. WOOT WOOT My partner in crime is here :) So very proud of you :) Here Here to our bodies catching up to our minds :)