Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking it to the TRASH

So after yesterday's big win I did something really stupid today. Yep I did and I bet you know what I did. I stood on the stupid hunk of metal pictured above in my trash. One pound gained. I felt horrible. All my successes out the window. Didn't matter that I felt amazing before I stood on it. Didn't matter that I think I look good (can you say that about yourself, because I do think I look better LOL). Didn't matter that I span my arse off at spin class today and had sweat pouring down my back. All that diminished because I let the scale do that.

What's even worse is that I stood before that scale like those idiots in the bible that worshiped false idols. Like someone making an offering, I stood before it waiting for it to validate my self worth.

If I am really truly going to change my life, and LIVE IT. If I am truly going to let go of this weight struggle and be healthy mind and body I just can't do the scale. I am like a drug addict, I can't even have it in the house. I thought about asking Ryan first, but than I thought no this is going now while I am strong. I am sure he would rather have a healthy wife than a stupid hunk of metal scale.

So there it is, IN THE TRASH!


  1. WAY TO GO

    keep it up girl. Katie 1 Scale 0 - now those are numbers i can love!!!

  2. aw hun. don't let a pound get you down. you are forgetting someing essential to working out ... you will eventually begin to build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so i am sure that was all it is. you may also be retaining water. not to mention that our bodies can fluctuate 5lbs from one day to the next. chin up. you are doing so well. don't lose sight of those facts and don't let a mere pound of muscle make you feel like a failure.


  3. A few years ago I started working out with a trainer. I became obsessed with my numbers, every measurement would determine my feeling of success or failure. I was happy with my consistant weight loss but I certainly didn't feel normal. So while I'm a bit off track, I am now making my own tracks. Working out makes me feel really good. Way to go for throwing out the scale, double kudos for remembering to take a picture.

    Keep it up, and know that your blog is inspiring those who read it to create our own journeys.

  4. I hear you Katie. I never weighed myself more than when I was very skinny. I was a slave to the scale myself. I did it every time I went to the washroom. Focus on what you can do. I use my running as a motivation, seeing if I can go a bit faster, a bit farther or run a more challenging course.

  5. Darling girl.... I am so 100% with Mellisa on this - you are building you muscles and they do weight more and could be the retainning of the water too.... I am happy that you are changing your mind set to a better and healthier women to getting attatched to a number. Really pround of that step you took of getting ride of that metal thing.

  6. You're my new hero.