Sunday, July 11, 2010


Soaking my foot and leg in a saline bath before hitting the gym. I made it to the gym Friday and did the bike and elepitical for 30 min and then some abbs and push ups. I did about 75% power so to speak. I didn't have any pain, the stiches on my foot that were covered by my running shoe were fine. Saturday I hit the gym before Kay's birthday party. I did 30 min of cardio again but this time added 10 min of light running. I did about 75% power again. I was again ok. But by the end of the day , and a day of being on my feet my stitches were red and my foot swollen. My mom suggested a saline bath for it and some ice. Both worked wonders I awoke to a much improved if not totally healthy stitches. I am doing my 2nd soak today, and think one after the gym will be good. I ate A LOT fri and sat, enjoying icecream cake, pizza, Indian food, and cupcakes. I have to say that when I indulge now, I really don't have the same old guilt and ahhh I am fat pig feeling that I used to. Instead I enjoy the food and the company and know that I will be back at the gym working hard. I got on the scale Sat morning and saw that I had lost a pound :) Very nice little surprise. But what was better was that I bought a new dress to wear to Kay's party. It was a size smaller than I have been buying. It had straps and I wore it as is without a wrap. Yes my arms still have the FLAGS but I feel so much better about them now that I have been pumping iron :) I might even say I felt sexy :) That dress was a real high moment for me. So here's to a great cardio and pump class in an hour :)

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