Saturday, July 3, 2010

Road Runner

Today was the big day, well big day for me :) I had decided last week that I would run 2 miles on the road (without the ease of the treadmill) while at my parents. My original plan was to run straight up the highway for 1 mile and turn around and run back. My plan changed a LITTLE BIL's drove me 2 miles into the bush on the back ATV roads. Ummmmmm HILLS ...lots of gravel hills that do not give you traction! The view was beautiful, the canopy of trees protected me from the sun and heat. It was hard, won't kid you on that. The hills were very hard. But I DID IT, and I didn't stop. I may have slowed down to a very slow jog but I kept on jogging/running. When I could finally see the highway I was very surprised to see that I had reached the end. I guess that means I still had some gas left in me (and not the bean kind).

I then spent the rest of the day on my BIL's killer new boat, I mean feel like a rockstar in it! We turned up the wake all over the lake all day tubing and wake boarding. I tried tubing with my nieces and kids. My 2 year old had more fun than I did. I thought we were going to flip the whole time. My 7 year old niece Hannah, is insane on the wake board. She is like a little ROXY GIRL! She gave me the goosebumps. Then there is my sister Jamie who just looks so smoking hot and athletic on the board. I was in awe. I want to look as muscular and hot as she did one day! I hope this doesn't sound weird but I am going to use that image of my sister as my inspiration while I work out next week. She reminded me of Gabrielle Reece!

I had a few (5 or 6) beers this aft, and with the sun, I am feeling rather wobbly and pooped. I ate too much at dinner (it was so good). I just saw a picture of myself from this weekend and I look HUGE...ahhhh it drives me nuts. I swear there is something wrong with cameras. They can't be accurate. I did not look like that when I looked in the mirror this morning with one eye open. I was at least half that size :) Trying to be funny. Trying to go back to the good place I was in before dinner. Trying not to let the bad stuff win. I am so much better than that.

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