Monday, July 19, 2010

The line up

All my new shoes lined up side to side. This makes me happy. Who needs new scrappies when you have new shoes to stink up :) I have bought these in the last 3 months since joining the gym (Sorry scrapbook budget for taking one for the team). I started with the pair of cross trainers on the left, thinking that I would only be doing classes, weights, and cardio equipment. Then I got hooked on spinning and noticed almost everyone had cool spin shoes. BUT REALLY they DO make spinning much better! Then I started running, running more than just 10 min on the treadmill. I did something crazy and signed up for a 5 Km in Sept (thank-you YVONNE). So I needed proper running shoes. I really did :)

So today the girls and I headed out to Runner's World. I told the sales woman that I needed shoes that would handle all the pounding these feet are going to take. I have to say she did a through job or at least it seemed when she made walk and run in the store and got down on the ground to watch my feet. The kids thought that was pretty funny. I tried on 5 pairs I think. I hope I have the right ones. They are very comfy. I am so excited to try them out. I think I may even sneak out to the gym tonight even though I worked out already this morning. I can try them out on the treadmill and calibrate my Nike +iPod sensor (oh yeah, watch out FB LOL)

On another note, my blisters feel really good. Seriously, they do :) I bought some healing salve at the Farmers Market yesterday and they have worked wonders on my feet. The HERB WIFE makes it.

Well, my new playlist is ready :) Wish me luck :)

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  1. ohhhh thank you for reminding me - i need to make a playlist!!!

    GO YOU.
    seriously girl - your inspiration is amazing. THANK YOU for are just glowing and growing from the inside out!!!