Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

I started the celebration this morning with a great SPIN CLASS...nothing like climbing hills with a little BEASTIE BOYS at 9:30am! Banana, almond smoothie down the hatch and I am ready to GO GO GO today. Canada Day festivities and a BBQ. Tomorrow we head to the gym in AM as a family, and then drive to my parents house. Saturday, Ryan and I are going to ROAD RUN 2 miles together. I am a little nervous about how running on the road will feel compared to the treadmill. But I am up for the challenge. Saturday, we also have a combined birthday party for all the girls. Sunday is a day off from working out. How cool is it that my 4 day long weekend involves 3 great workouts that I am looking forward too :)

Whole new world, whole new world baby :)

Enjoy everyone :)

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