Monday, July 12, 2010

Down another pound...but we are having ribs :)

Got on the scale today and was down another pound. I kind of hate that I stood on it. The damn thing beckons me over in the morning. Its like a game of sorts, come see how I will make you feel today. That pound down could be a giant poop gone, or any number of things. I really must stick to the real measures of success. I was lucky this morning. I could have stood on it and have gained a pound and I would have felt like poop all day.

I had a spin class this AM, it was hard. I feel like it was harder because of the two days off I took last week in a ROW...YIKES. But I pushed hard, and I got a great workout. My foot and leg felt very good. I loved looking at my legs and arms while on the bike, they looked muscular and athletic. I really think I am proof that you can be fat and fit.

So tonight we are having ribs for dinner, and I for one am going to ENJOY them :) Tomorrow I PUMP :)

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