Monday, June 28, 2010

These shoes were meant for spinning

Sporting my new SPIN shoes :)

I had the best Spin class yet. I don't know if it was the new shoes, or just the energy of the class but it ROCKED. I went in with an attitude of this is going to be fun and I am really going to push myself. The music was perfect, the class was even groaning out a few breathless lines, we yelled, we shouted, and we burned. I felt high on endorphins after.

Here's the thing, that high lasts a hell of a lot longer than the high I get from mowing down on a bag of MM's (the large bag) and there is no guilt afterward. Another bonus, when I am hungry and boy oh boy do I get hungry I can eat and fuel myself without guilt. I try to eat when I am HUNGRY (I still find myself eating when I am not like this past weekend when I was grumpy and bored but it happens much less often). I eat what I want. Much of the time I want the healthy food, my body craves it and how it makes me feel. Like my smoothie in the morning, it tastes good, is good for me, and I am full all morning. If I eat something else I tend to be hungry again at 10:00. Don't get me wrong I still want the treats, and when I do I have them. But I eat them and enjoy them not in a blind numbed out frenzy.

So this Wednesday will mark 6 weeks of this fat girl finding her inner athlete. I find myself in a strange transition. I am amazed at how body is changing. I stared at my legs this morning as they pushed through the hills on the bike. I actually sneak looks of myself in the mirror because I am happy to see less of a belly, less of this and that. I look at my face and see more of the ME I remember. But at the same time I am still somewhat surprised at the chubby girl in the photo. Like the one here. I tell you when I took that picture this morning I felt on fire. I felt like Gabrielle Reece. So when I upload the photo and see a plus size girl its still kind of a disconnect. Its funny how quickly my mind's picture has changed, and I guess my actual body is slowly catching up.

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  1. i for one see a HUGE difference - you look AMAZING girl. seriously...


    i want you as a trainer i tell you!!!