Thursday, June 3, 2010

Observations on Yoga from the Chunky Girl

I tried a YOGA/PILATES style class this week.

These are my findings:

1. This is the first class I have been in where I was the only girl with chunk.
2. Chunky middles and big boobs get in the way of many of the poses.
3. I have a nice rack when viewed with my face pressed into it.
4. Girls in Yoga class all have pretty painted toes
5. Even non chunky girls have to ADJUST THEIR PADDING
6. I like downward dog, maybe because it reminds me of another favorite pose WINK
7. It was somewhat frightening and comical to see my very chubby reflection twisted up in the mirror.
8. I am unable to maintain the ZEN mind wonders to things I need to do, or want to do, mostly because I don't like being in the zen right I leave.
9. The thing I enjoyed most was being barefoot
10. This is not the class for me.

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