Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Shoes and a Plus Size Score

Yesterday night the kids and I headed out for some shopping and dinner. Ryan was heading away for the weekend and I had that familiar urge to get out and do something. Normally that would mean driving to the Scrapbox for some scrappie treats and then some dinner with the kids. But this GYM GIRL had spent the morning admiring everyone's spinning shoes in spin class and decided that I really needed a pair.
So on the advice of the class instructor I headed to Bushtukah, which is NOT a JAPANESE RESTAURANT as I had thought.
I found a great pair of shoes, and a pink water bottle and headed to the cash. On the way to the counter I admired all the eye candy (workout clothes in all manners of colors and styles). As I walked I wished that that they had MY SIZE. I was even tempted to scour through the racks checking sizes in hopes of finding that elusive size 2x. But with the 2 kids in tow and generally not wanting to face the disappointment I headed to the cash.
At the cash one last desperate idea struck me and I looked at the clerk with that gleam in the eye like a desperate junkie trying to score. I asked her in a half whisper if they happened to carry plus size clothes. WELL WOULDN'T YOU KNOW....THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE PLUS SIZE SECTION of athletic clothes! Real athletic clothes just like all the pretty smaller sizes. I was in heaven. It was like scoring CHA release scrappies!
I walked away with a proper pair of bike shorts, and the knowledge that my scrap budget was going to be taking a serious hit in the future.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!
    I have shopped at Bushtukah since they first opened and LOVE that they offer plus sizes for women.
    D'uh round girls like to exercise too believe it or not!!!