Wednesday, June 16, 2010

midweek update

Its Wednesday, day 3 of the week. Monday was awesome I did a spin class. Its been about 10 years since I have done a spin class. I LOVED IT..the burn was awesome. But oh boy my butt!

Tuesday...I awoke with horrible allergies. I thought if I just got up and went they would go away. So I packed the kids up in the bike trailer and biked to the gym. Ryan had the car and I tell you it was a bad day to be on the bike, between spin the day before and the pollen it was not a fun ride. I got to the gym did 10 min of cardio while waiting for class to start and then PUMPED. On the ride home I thought my legs would explode. Then the day went downhill fast, very cranky, whiny children, sick mommy, called daddy to help, he was not happy, I felt guilty, I ate to numb the frustration and guilt. I hate that I went right back to eating to cope. I knew damn well what I was doing and even told myself it was ok because I was so upset. Really?

So today is Wednesday, a new marks 1 month since I joined the gym. Hoping for some good news on that scale today :)

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