Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jump Kick

I took my second COMBAT CLASS yesterday, on a Saturday morning. Yes I got up early on my sleep in day to go to the gym again!! Who is this girl?

Do you know what I did in that class? JUMP KICKS...I jumped in the air and did kicks! and I did hugh knee jumps, and scissor kicks....I thought I was going to puke twice and I loved it.

It was a week of triumphs....Tuesday I didn't have the car and instead of that stopping me from working out I took the kids to the gym on the bike and bike trailer. I had a workout on my way to my workout. Friday I wanted to do the combat class and when we arrived Kay threw a fit and didn't want me to leave, so we had to go home. I was so frustrated at missing my favorite class, but I went home and did the Shred LEVEL 2!

I worked out 6 days again this week. I got on the scale and I am down 8 pounds. I bought new workout clothes that make me feel so good. Today we walked around the West Festival in the heat and I carried Kasey, I was strong enough to do that.

Monday, I am going to try a spin class!

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