Thursday, June 24, 2010

Army Run

I got a FB message from an old friend the other day asking me if I wanted to join in on the Army Run (5km) in Sept. I have to tell you I was over the moon giddy that she would even think I could do it. I pondered it for a bit, wondering, could I do this? It was only the other day that I was running on the treadmill starring at a Marathon poster, dreaming of one day doing one. Running a marathon has been on my dream list since I was in Uni, along with writing a book.

I know this, 2 months ago I would never have imagined my 250 lb plus arse running, or spinning, or exercising for that matter. Now I kind of believe anything is possible.

So I did it, I registered.

Now here's the really cool part, Ryan did too! We are going to do it together. Ryan started working out at the gym regualry months before I did. Its been so neat to be working on getting healthy together, motivating each other. We even went to the gym one Sat morning as a family, kids too. The kids even PLAY gym now :)

Now I am a little bit of a competitive person. So yesterday Ryan and I had a little race. We both ran 1.5 miles. I ran in the morning and did it in 18 min and 53 s, and was pretty impressed with myself. I really didn't think Ryan could beat me. Well the stinker did it in 16min, 46s.

So a rematch is on :)

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