Friday, May 28, 2010

Katie: Some things are still the same

Reporting in for yesterday :) The day started of very well, I did the Body Pump class at the gym. The girls played very nicely in the daycare while I pumped up the Jam :) I love this class, its hard core, it strengthens all of your body, its a major fat burner. What I love most is changing the weights on and off the bar, it makes me feel like a PRO...I love the clean and jerk. I figure if I can do this class 2-3 times a week and cardio in between I am SET.

So as you can see the day started off very well, the kids were in great moods yesterday, the day was moving along great. YET....after nap I had some licorice and some brown rice chips...I wasn't hungry...but I ate it anyway..I was bored (I think) and its habit to eat then. I thought to myself why are you eating this, don't, but I did anyway. I figure at least I was conscious of what I was doing this time. For dinner I was really in the mood for yummy comfort, I made to mini slider burgers and some oven was what I wanted...then in the evening I had some more licorice, and a bear paw (again eating for entertainment as I was bored).

So you can see somethings are very much the same...and YET they are different I am aware of what I am doing..I am questioning it...I am trying to ask myself do you really want this...sometimes I listen to my real needs and sometimes I do not. Most of all I am ACTIVE...and that feels great.

I am trying to read more of my WOMEN FOOD GOD book, but honestly I keep falling asleep. I have gone to bed at 9 two nights in a row, fully exhausted, body tired, and I tell you it feels great!

Today is Friday. I plan on running a mile at the gym and then finishing it up with more cardio to get 30 min in. I had 4 bear paws for breakie today...I knew I should have had cereal, but I wanted the yummy cakey goodness and ease with my coffee. I will allow that...and work at eating NUTRITIOUS FOOD TO FUEL ME the rest of the day.

Tonight, date with my SUNSHINE Laurie and two other friends :)

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