Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Katie: New week

Its Tuesday, keep thinking its Monday :) Long weekends mess me up. Started the day off well...got the cleaning done, the groc, and did a BODY PUMP class...I had to leave the class a bit early because Kasey had a dump LOL. I loved the class really loved it. I am not a fan of weights, I don't like doing the weight machine circuit at the gym, its boring. I know I need to do them to build muscle and strength...and this class seems to be the perfect fit for me. If I could do this 2 times a week I would be happy. Just need to remember to bring a Diaper bag for Kasey next time.

Food good today,

Breakfast: cereal and milk
Lunch: ww mini buns with hummus and ham. Carrots and hummus.
snack: 6 pieces of black licroice (serving is 4)...I ate this not hungry, because I was bored.

On the weekend I ate as I pleased I felt good having eaten well and exercised all week (even hit the gym sat am) and thought that it would be good to eat what I really wanted, and when hungry. I enjoyed myself and did stop when full. No guilt :)

Goal this week to be aware of what I am eating and why.

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