Friday, May 21, 2010

Katie Day 4 and 5

A quickie post :)

its Friday...and I have exercised each day this week!!!!!!! Did my first ever Zumba class last night....I was a very uncoordinated jiggler....not sure Zumba is for me..but I did it..I stayed for the whole hour and really sweated. Today I did 10 min of cardio, 30 min weights and then 5 min run..RUN...I amaazed that I ran on the treadmill and I am amazed at how good it felt!!!

eating well.....tonight for dinner not so good 12in sub, with lots of sauce and bacon...chips and a half a cupcake...but with all that exercise....whatever...I am good with it and I enjoyed it.

Going away for the weekend plan on a quick workout tom am before we go, and on our weekend I will eat what i want...key being what I REALLY WANT WHEN I AM HUNGRY....

signing off to watch good tv and scrap and smiling :)

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