Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Katie-Day 3

I have to say that the sun is shining today and I feel like I am flying :) what a change from yesterday's sewer LOL. So this AM I ate my cereal for breakie, dropped Kay of at school, then enjoyed a non fat cap with Kasey at 2 Monkeys (big deal not to get the yummy HOMEMADE baked goods). Then I headed to the Women's Goodlife gym with Kasey in tote and signed up for a membership. I went in thinking that I would work out 2-3 evenings a week on the nights that I don't put the kids to bed, and pay for the daycare once a week to workout during the day. I was HAPPILY surprised to see that I could afford a membership for Kasey in the I can work out during week in the daytime while Kasey plays. I can't tell you how exciting this is!! I can workout during the day, when I would like will give me energy and help me feel great the rest of the day. I really wasn't all that pumped on working out after dinner..its my ME TIME...and I would much rather scrap than work out I tell you. I have always wanted to workout at the gym during the day...always been envious of those that could. HELLO I GET TO DO THIS...I am truly thankful!! Thankful for Ryan working so hard to allow me to stay home and be with the girls and do this. Mind you it does mean less trips to Starbucks, and missing that pedicure, and GASP maybe cutting down a bit on the scrap supplies. But its worth it.

So I had my first workout today...20 min on the elecpitical(no idea how to spell that) trainer and 10 on the glider...I worked hard, and worked up a sweat, definately more hard pounding than my walk to Starbucks :) I loved it!! That's all as I went at 2:30 and the daycare closes at 3. I felt like I was on fire, good fire! Tomorrow night I am going to try a ZUMBA class :)

Eating has been good today.

Happy me signing off :)

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  1. This was a smart move on your part! I'm glad you are thankful for Ryan's contribution too, you ready are soooo lucky to have him. Yes my beautiful angel of a sister, you are very blessed and I'm so glad you are respecting yourself enough to take charge of your health and all the other benefits that will come from this!!!