Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Katie: day 2

I sort of feel like I am on vacation today, I spent most of the morning outside in my bathing suit with the kids setting up the pool. We had lunch outside and cuddled on the chaise after a dip :)

Food ok so far...breakfast was busy and I went for easy two mini croissants and mid morning a bear paw...didn't over eat..but not much nutritional value..just carb.
Lunch: lunch whole wheat pita with roastbeef, mustard and BRIE (gasp, I know fatty but it was left over and must not go to waste LOL) Coke zero (i know bad)
Dessert: 3 marshmallows

So food wise...good on not OVER DOING IT...but not great on nutrition.

This aft...walking to Starbucks with kids for exercise..will get a non-fat frapp :)

I should mention I finished yesterday off well with a Asian chicken vegetable soup (homemade) 2 bowls :)
I was HUNGRY at bed and ate high fiber cereal and 1% milk.

This am I stuck to my get your ass in gear by 8 and had the Tuesday cleaning done by 9 :) its a little thing but it really helps me feel motivated and not lazy.

Tomorrow I am going to go checkout the Goodlife for women with Kasey while Kay is in school. I figure I can work out after dinner 2 -3 times a week when not putting the kids to bed. And treat myself to a workout once a week during the day using the sitting service.

Last night read some of the WOMEN, FOOD, and GOD book....dog eared some passages that really stood out for me. One of them being that when I eat when not hungry its because I am hungry for something else...in my case I think I am hungry for that feeling I have of bliss when I am on my path...when I am connected to God I feel euphoric...and I feel separated right now.

So that's today at 12:30pm :)

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