Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Katie: Athlete hiding in here

I told my Dad a week ago that I think there is an athlete hiding in my fat body. I have always been amazed how despite the fact that I am so overweight I have been able to do things. Like a few weeks ago biking, my legs felt like jello afterwards but I did it. Yes, I huff and puff up the stairs sometimes but I always seem to recover well and quickly from cardio bursts. When I was young I was a runner, and I did things like spinning and kickboxing. I loved it! I was also a wee bit obsessed :(

Now here's the thing I have used this athlete hiding out in the fat body as an excuse to not get serious about loosing weight. I have convinced myself that I can't be that BAD OFF....I can't be that UNHEALTHY if I can do this or that. I have done this for years! I watch the biggest looser and I am in awe at their accomplishments. I watch from the couch eating chocolate.

Its been a week since I have joined the gym. One week today. Do you know what I did today? I ran...I RAN ONE MILE...non took me 13 min. My 255 (yep lost 3 pounds) pound body carried that weight for one mile. I was even keeping up "sort off" with the skinny chick next to me. Mind you I stopped after one mile :) I felt like I was on fire. I felt good running, it didn't hurt, I didn't feel like I was going to heart rate reached 178...but 2 min after stopping it back to 140.

I think the athlete in me wants out...I think she wants to be in the next NIKE ad, running and shaking her pouch...shouting JUST DO IT!!!!

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