Monday, May 17, 2010

Katie: THE DAY

Ok so I spent Sunday feeling like a huge fat tired girl....I caught glimpses of my fat bloated face in the reflection of my laptop while being lazy and surfing. After months and months of thinking, pondering, a few baby steps here and there...I finally reached that point....the point of I AM READY.

I am ready to start feeling good about myself...I am ready to have energy again...I am ready to be healthy...I am ready!!

So today is Monday and unlike most Monday's that start off with that UGGGH its Monday....I started my week with a TODAY IS THE FIRST is hope....and I had a great day.

I ate breakfast!! This is huge...I normally eat croissants, cookies...muffins for breakie. I have even been known to eat a whole sleeve of arrowroots dipped in coffee:( Today I had cereal and 1% milk.

I was out of slouch zone (coffee and laptop time) by 10 to 8 (I addresses this as a trigger in my journalling on Sunday, if I spend to much time lagging in the am, I fall into a lump of laziness).

I spent the morning on the go, grocery shopping buying healthy food, food for the healthy menu plan I put togther Sunday, I had a non fat TALL carb sweets.

At lunch I had salad with ham :)

At nap time (another trigger time) I actually did something rather than just slouth on the couch...I cleaned..and got the main floor in order.

After which, I put on running shoes and the girls and I WALKED to the faraway park for some fun in the sun. OOOF pushing those two in a storller was a workout :)
I packed water and snacks, carrots for me.

When we got home I felt physically tired, but good tired...I felt happy that I had DONE something...much actually :)

Took a little down time and started making dinner (this too is a big thing, as I often am too tired to cook and order out or go out). As I cooked I snacked a little, some honey peanuts and a diet coke and one mini croissant...not great but not horrible. I was really ok with the peanuts and then I saw the mini croissant..and I was not hungry at this point but I WANTED THE HAPPINESS that was in that little bakery item...I THOUGHT about not eating it (better than the automated unconscious eating).

So the kids are passed out cold, sign of a good day I think :) I am waiting for Ryan to come home for dinner.

My goal this evening is no snacking, if my tummy really rumbles and I am truly hungry I will have some cereal.

Side: I bought the book WOMEN, FOOD, and GOD today. Kind of hoping that it will help me along this path. And I think I just may join the gym this week...eeeee.....

Wish me luck :)

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