Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ride her hard and bring her home wet (the bike that is)

I just poured myself another glass of wine because I deleted/lost my blog post!  On the bright side, an excuse for one more glass as I rewrite :)

This was an exciting weekend for me, one that took me a big step closer to realizing my goal of completing a Half Iron Du this August.

It all started Friday night when I went to Bushtukah to get my bike fitted.  I will admit I was a wee bit grumpy that it was a Friday night and I was delaying my VINDREDI consumption till after 8pm!  Much to my delight it turned out to be a very fun way to spend my Friday early evening.  I met with Treena, who had me laughing so hard I almost (ALMOST) peed in my new bike shorts.  I learned a lot that evening and most of all she never made me feel stupid about my inexperience.  I left the store motivated and a lot more confident.  I also left with a little of this!

You would almost think I spent my Friday night at the Adult Superfun Store...but no it's just some body glide for the lady parts while riding that promises a blissful ride :)  I mean how can you not be excited about biking now?

Fast forward to Saturday morning after an awesome 12 miler run and you will find the kids outside cheering mom on as she rides up and down the street with two different shoes on.  A friend gave me the awesome tip of keeping one running shoe on and one bike shoe on while I learn to clip in and out.  Yes you heard right, even though I said I wouldn't I went with the clipless pedals.  I "nutted up" :)  I practiced with my right foot first and really struggled to clip out.  Part of the problem is that I am riding in my spin shoes (4 years old).  I'm trying to save a little money on all the stuff I have had to buy (just over $2000 with the bike, odds and ends and the purchase of the cross rails and rack to carry my bike yesterday) But I think I will need to bite the bullet sooner then later on shoes.  Any who, I practiced on each foot and then CLIPPED BOTH FEET IN! Omg that was scary.  But I did ok and got the hang of it.  I might have even hollered out a little YAHOOO!  Then a car started to back out of the drive, he looked at me, I looked at him...I waived him on and waited...then....

OH SHIT!!!! I forgot about my pedals and standing still....over I went and hard! Right into an ICY snow bank.  It hurt (I banged my lady region on the seat, my hip on the ground, and my elbow and hand) and it hurt my pride. 

The guy was nice and rolled down his window and asked if I was ok.  Don't you just hate that when you fall down? I mean it would be so much better if everyone ignored you and walked/drove away.  I think it was even worse because I think he's a "proper" cyclist.  I kind of laid there stunned for a moment, managed to unclip and  tried to call it a day.  But the kids were having fun watching me , I guess and told me to keep going.  How can you argue that, so I practiced a bit more.  Even so, I went to bed that night a little sore, and questioning how I was going to learn to ride this bike and actually do a Duathalon in June.  I was scared.  

Sunday morning arrived at 6:30 am with my oldest asking to get up.  Truthfully I had been lying awake for awhile making up excuses as to why I should not ride my bike today.  I mean there is still snow outside!  But as I sat on my comfy couch drinking my coffee I could feel the sun coming in the window, and it was calling my name.  As soon as Ryan got up (ie.  much much later) I was out the door before I could whimp out.  

I was dressed in not such a cool outfit.  It was pretty cool out and I only have one pair of padded bike shorts.  So I wore those under an old pair of leggings.  I didn't want to risk falling and ruining a pair of LULU! I had on my RR jacket likely some kind of biking faux pas.  Don't get me started on my ugly ass helmet, and my ugly spin shoes.  But my bike is a beauty :) 

My plan on paper today was to bike for 2 hrs, fine and dandy if on a spin bike.  Outside on a new to me road bike not so good.  So my new plan was to JUST TRY!  To just try, to go out there, and learn. To play without speed, pace, or numbers.  Do you know how good that felt?  I took off slowly, in fact I think it took me about 10 min to cover the first mile.  I stopped a lot to practice unclipping.  I was still struggling with my right leg. So I switched to unclipping my left first and getting that leg down.  Not a natural movement being right handed but it worked.  I walked my bike across EVERY intersection, I know soooo NERDY!.  I even walked my bike half a block seriously considering going  home and giving up.  But I didn't :) 

Soon I found myself out on Prince of Wales and away from all the intersections and traffic.  I was nervous about going fast, the bike felt unstable to me compared to my mountain bike.  I spent most of the ride today with my hands in the "down bars?" as that felt more stable.  There are a lot of bumps and such on the road and I was scared about skidding or popping a tire.  But soon I found my groove and my confidence and I was FLYING!!! Oh my goodness this bike flies compared to my heavy Canadian Tire Special Bike.  It was so fun, the wind on my face, my legs spinning smooth and hard, and the snot dripping from my nose.  I felt bad ass! 

My next oh shit moment came when I rode up my first hill.  I had this  moment as I was slowing where it dawned on me...OH CRAP KATIE YOU CAN"T STOP OR YOU WILL FALL!  I played with the gears which seemed like way to much to process at the time and pumped my legs.  I kept chanting GO GO GADGET can not slow down!  I felt so triumphant when I reached the top of the hill!  

It wasn't long before I hit 10 miles and I thought go just a little further, turn around at 11 miles and you will have biked your longest "road" distance when you get home!  I love a personal best! wink :)  At the half way point, I texted Ryan to tell him all was well and had a drink.  Trust me when I say I am not capable of drinking and riding at this point (and I mean water lol).  In fact, I can barely wipe the snot from my nose at this point while moving.  The ride home went by in a whirl, I was more confident and going faster. I was totally focused on the road and my bike.  No music.  No distractions.  Just me in the moment.  What a feeling!  Soon I was nearing the haven and slowing down once more to walk my bike across the intersections.  Only I no longer felt embarrassed,  I felt proud!

36km on my first trip out! I did it! Despite being scared shitless I did it!  I need this, this thing called biking.  It's fun, and freeing.  I'm not putting any pressure on myself to ride a certain pace.  I just want to have fun and do something new.  I want to train hard and complete the event.  I'm excited.  And nervous.  But mostly excited, and it's been a long time since I've been truly excited about a "race".  

On a similar note my youngest daughter, AKA Curly kid, rode up and down the same street this weekend learning to ride without training wheels.  She's not quite ready for Daddy to let go yet...but I know she will get there :) 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Be honest, does my butt look padded?

Friday I took a rest day, instead of taking Sunday, I decided to let my sore tired body rest.  Instead of heading to the gym I treated myself to coffee and a gourmet breaky sammie at Thimble Cafe, while reading my latest vamp book. It was heaven!  Afterward, I went on the hunt for some proper "bike" clothes.  I will leave the negative experience I had out of the story.  Suffice to say that bike clothing is not like my beloved "Bubble Top Lulu" tops that hide my squishy middle.  But in the end I found a jersey and some padded (aka diaper) shorts that I love and that make me feel BIKING BAD ASS!  Now I just need to get the actual bike! I love that I got the clothes first, that' s so me, it's all about the outfits.  But I am going to Bushtukah's Bike night Sunday and hope to be coming home with a sleek new ride within the week.  

So what do you think? Does my butt look padded? If it doesn't I assure you that dinner out last night (wine, and dessert included), the WINE tonight, the pizza, and don't get me started on the JUBES will pad my rear end :) 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's not always easy....sometime it really sucks

I woke up tired today, my motivation tank empty.  I had a tempo run on the schedule and zero desire to do it.  This morning I found myself sitting on the floor in front of my gym clothes debating back and forth about skipping it.  I wanted to cry.  I put my clothes on, ate my breaky, took the kids to school, almost drove ALL THE WAY AROUND the round a bout and home....but some how managed to take the turn to the gym.  It sucked.  I hated it.  1 mile easy, 2 tempo, 1 mile easy, 2 tempo, 1 easy.  Funny enough the "easy" miles were the worse as they took longer and I just wanted to be done.  But I was so tired that going faster would mean not meeting the tempo ones.  I finished though, and that is something.

I didn't quit! 

Every time I don't quit, I get stronger, my mind get's stronger, and that race coming up end of August that makes my tummy flutter...I'm going to do that! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Training Week 5!

Gave myself a calf cramp trying to flex for Flex Friday at Bodybliss and Health :)  I like taking pics of late rather then getting on the scale.  I see a fit happy girl when I see pictures, the scale might say don't drink so much wine :) Who needs that? 
5 weeks in!  I had a good week last week, and managed to get almost all of my workouts in even though it was March Break.  All I missed was one strength workout, I did 2 short ones instead of 3. I am happy to say I found balance and took TWO rest days!  One of those was so that I could take the kids Tubing and still had an active day walking up the tube hill dragging 3 tubes behind me!  I'm really lucky that Ryan works from home 3 days a week and I could leave the kids at home rather then drag them to the gym with me.  They are so good, he doesn't even hear them while I'm gone. So far they haven't made to much of a mess well I'm gone.  

I'm really proud of one of my workouts last week, and that's a 2hr indoor spin bike ride Friday! Longest time on a spin bike to date!  Oh man that was boring as hell! I can't wait to bike outside (Ps. it's the last day of winter and it's supposed to snow again.) I was surprised how much this ride BAGGED me later in the day.  I was at the museum with the kids tired, hungry, and grumpy.  I'm struggling right now with figuring out to fuel my workouts so that I don't feel tanked.  Given that I tend to eat about 2300 plus cals a day, I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.  I think I get "enough", maybe it's more about timing, and ratio of carbs etc.  I'm figuring it out as I go.

The next morning I got up early to run 11 miles (17.7km) so that I could make it out skiing with the family that day.  I was so tired!  I made a SANTA SIZE list of excuses, in bed that morning, as to why I should skip it.  But I didn't and I went.  It was slower then I had planned, and I was pooped. But I did it and as you can tell by my grin it was so WORTH IT!  

I fuelled well after my run and felt pretty good on the hills.  All though I admit my super star hubs dragged both kids by the poles, as I was too pooped to pull even the small one.  

A well deserved wine break...I mean ski break mid afternoon :) 

We celebrated our last day of March Break at Crazy Horse that night!  Wine, Steak and oh my! It was so fun and we returned home for our Squires Pillow Fight Tradition while putting the kids to bed.  

Sunday I totally embraced my rest day and spent the day at Le Nordic with my friend Laura.  I had an amazing massage, soaked in the hot tubs, enjoyed a delicious lunch and wine.  It was the perfect day and the prefect ending to a great week.  

Feeling ZEN listening to music and reading my book at the spa :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Training Week 4: The Sun was out!

One whole month into spring race training!  Too bad it doesn't seem like spring at all yet, with the snowbanks still a mile high.  I had a great week last week.  I got in all 3 of my runs, 1 brick, one ride, 3 strength sessions, and a day of skiing with the family!  Some highlights from the week:

I got my curly kid to join me in a workout on Monday.  I needed to do a quick TRX workout in the afternoon after my Brick Workout in the am, and well my motivation to do so was pretty low.  So I thought it would be fun if she joined me.  She put on her "workout" clothes and I gave her some safe exercises to do.  It was a lot of fun.  I mean look at how cute she is.  

My BFF right now, the spin bike.  Since I can't bike outside yet I'm spending a lot of time on this baby.  I'm now able to spend most of the ride in that hunched over "aero" position, where as I could only do it for about 5 min before.  I love the feeling of cranking the tension up, and feeling the burn in my legs and the sweat pouring down.  I don't sweat like that when I run for some reason.  I have to admit I feel bad ass! 

Wednesday I tried out the new PiYo 32 DVD.  It was fun to try a new lesson out but slighting annoying that I don't know the moves and the instructor is too quiet to hear.  But still a good hour long strength and core workout.  

I'm really proud of the workout I had Friday.  First of all it was a PA day and I had to take the kids to the gym with me.  I spent the morning grumbling and using the kids as an excuse to not go.  Turns out they went without a fuss in  and it was just me that was all grumbly about the gym.  We ended up at Huntclub, where I had planned on a spin class and then a ride after to total 90 min.  I got there and just didn't want to do a class.  I was really in a mood.  So I used the awful life cycle bike (I don't like as the seat is really wide and digs into my leg) So I told myself I would do an hour, and try to get 32km in.  It was a race against myself.  I used level 13 for 1 min, lev 12 for 3 min, and rested at lev 11 for one minute and repeated that cycle for 50 min (plus 5 min warm up, and 5 min lev 11 at the end).  So had some decent tension on the bike.  I pushed and pushed and gave it my all to get those 32km in...35 sec over the hour! So close! I'm proud of making it to the gym when I didn't want to go, of biking for an hour where the longest I have been able to sit on that bike prior is 30 min, and most of all I am proud of the PEED MY PANTS LOOK for pushing the pace so hard :) 

Saturday we went skiing and it was one of the best days yet!  The sun was out, it was warm, warm enough to drink beed and eat jibes outside on the patio!  By the end of the kids lesson they were zooming down the hill with more confidence then ever.  It was really an awesome day.  We ended it at the Royal Oak where I filled my pie hole with a Steak and Guinness Pot Pie to carb load up for Sunday.  mmm pie! 

Sunday I had 9 miles to do, a great distance, relatively short and yet long enough to get into the groove and feel like you did a good distance.  I actually got off the dreadmill and RAN OUTSIDE! I need to say that again, I RAN OUTSIDE!  I actually went somewhere.  My neck and shoulders felt so relaxed not staring down at the dreadmill display the whole time.  It was beautifully sunny out.  Look at the grin on my face! I was so happy!  PS. that is also my just farted face.  

The exercise part is going great, and I can feel the training paying off. I am feeling stronger.  I'm finding more and more balance in the food department.  I likely could stand to not indulge as much as I do on the weekends.  But the good thing is that for the most part I stop when I'm full.  Like Saturday night we went out for dinner I had the steak pot pie which in itself is like 1000 cals!  But I didn't have an appetizer like my eyes wanted to, nor did I get a dessert even though my brain was thinking about the choc at home in my freezer.  I only had one, be it LARGE glass of wine.  I was totally satisfied and went home and filled my water bottle up and settled in for a movie.  No further snacking because I was into the "bad' food already.  I was truly satisfied and content.  Sunday night Ryan made is famous burgers for dinner I ate two, but one "thin bun."  I also drove to Kardish when getting groceries for dinner that night so I could get the "healthy" oven sweet potato fries.  I was too lazy to make my own and in my mind told myself these organic ones were better then McCain.  Oh the things I do.  BUT we also went to Kiwi Craze that night and I had much to big of a bowl.  I actually went to bed that night with a pain in my rib cage from eating to much.  The positive though is that I didn't once feel like I needed to make myself that MONDAY promise of restricting and woke up this morning feeling good.  I will admit there are times when I think I should be more "strict" with my food and lose some pounds.  But overall, I'm trying to let go of that and do my best to navigate eating healthy and still enjoying things I like.  I'm really trying to find that happy balance for myself.  It's there and I know I can find it if I keep trying.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Training Week 3

My 20 min at home TRX/KB workout, it was all I had in me that day, but still got a good STRENGTH workout in 

Last week was a rough one for me, I caught the "man cold".  I say the man cold because I wasn't horribly sick but man I was MISERABLE!!  My nose and eyes leaked constantly, no matter how many cold pills I pumped in me I dripped.  I had kleenex stuffed in my nose and tucked behind my glasses most of the time.  I spent most of the afternoons last week on the couch, and one of the evenings that I was supposed to put the kids to bed, well let's say they kind of put themselves to bed.

I'm proud to say that despite being sick last week I still managed to complete most of my planned training.  I did 3 runs (speed, tempo and LSD), one bike, 3 strength and even a 5km family skate on the canal.  I pushed through some awful feeling workouts, but I also did listen to my body and rested. I took 2 days of rest instead of one.  One day my workout consisted of a light 20 min on the TRX and that's it.  So I feel like I achieved a good balance of taking care of myself and also pushing through to get the work done.  I took Friday off, felt itchy about it, but rested all day.  I am so glad I did!  Saturday morning I woke up feeling good, and ran my fastest 10 mile training run this year! It really hammered home how important rest is.  I felt itchy about not working out, like I needed to be getting a "burn" on.  But thing is that my mindset has shifted and burning calories is not the priority, PERFORMANCE IS!  Resting Friday helped me KILL IT Saturday.  I'm going to keep this in mind the next time I feel itchy taking a day of rest.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The difference here isn't pounds it's HAPPINESS

It's been about 2 years since I hit the 100 pound weight loss mark.  I maintained it for a year, even lost a little more.  Then I loosened the reins so to speak and gained a little back.  My weight has fluctuated at 90-95 pounds lost mark for the last year.  A couple weeks ago I thought it would be fun to take a comparison photo.

100 pounds lost on the right, today on the right fluctuating at 90-95 pounds lost. 
I don't see a huge difference when I look at these pictures.  Brown hair to blond hair is about the most noticeable.  Taking this picture was a real eye opener for me.  Over the last year I have really been trying hard to let go of the "diet mentality," to let go of the scale, to eat with more of an intuitive style, and most of all TO BE HAPPY and LIVE LIFE in this healthy body of mine.  This picture helps me see that the number on the scale is just that, a number.  It really doesn't mean a lot. 

So what are the differences in these two pictures?  

Well the one on the left, I have more muscle tone in my upper body as I was lifting weights more often and heavier (not yet training for marathons).  My belly had less flub to it as I was eating "cleaner" and not enjoying the wine as much as I do now (hehehe).  But I still favoured the bubble exercise top because of loose skin and yes still some pooch :)  My size 8 jeans fit perfectly and sometimes a size 6 fit too.  

On the right, those size 8 jeans still fit but right out of the wash I need to do the deep lunges and squats to stretch them out a bit!  But hey that's just extra exercise, nothing wrong with that.  I can lay down on the bed and maybe zip up of the size 6 jeans...but who the hell is going to walk around in those?  Who am I kidding I rarely wear "real pants" as it is!  Yoga pants, leggings, heck even PJ pants are where it's at.  

The real differences in these photos you can't see, because they are happening on the inside.  The girl on the right is tracking everything she eats, counting calories, getting on the scale everyday, feeling guilty about food much of the time, and generally spending way to much time and energy thinking about weight!  The girl on the left has slowly but surely been letting go of that, getting on the scale less frequently and when she does not letting it have such a big impact.  Much more of the time I am being intuitive in my eating style, I still track what I eat sometimes but more as a guide and not religiously.  I'm enjoying so many of the foods that I used to think were forbidden.  In doing so those foods have lost much of their power over me.  There is less of a dramatic swing between restrictive eating and free for all eating.  I feel like there is more balance.  I still over do it, but not as often as before, and without the guilt that I used to have.  There is no more "MONDAY SYNDROME" where I will restrict and punish myself come Monday, and until then eat myself silly.  

Most of all, I now feel happy and free most of the time.  My thoughts are not all harnessed toward weight and weight loss.  I'm enjoying my fit and healthy life. I'm enjoying being active with my family and food is part of that.  I love spending a day skiing with the family and then drinking beer and enjoying a good Rueben sandwich and sweet potato fries after.  I love cooking a special family meal like Sushi night, and drinking my wine with Ryan while we prep it.  I feel like food is more of a friend now, and not the enemy.  I'm enjoying exploring new ways to make food, and new foods to eat that are wholesome and nutritious.  I'm really enjoying the recipes on the Oh She Glows blog but at the same time very much enjoy the not so "healthy" stuff too.  
Sushi Night at our house, such fun prepping and sharing the kitchen with Ryan and sipping my wine, laughing and having a good time. 

not as pretty as the sushi place, but it was just as tasty! 

So here I am training hard, enjoying food with vigour, still having some ups and downs, but overall feeling Happy and Healthy.  Life is good, very very good. 

Just a few deep lunges and we are set :)